1. The Organizing Committee of the non-professional Padel League 2023-2024 at Sa Llosa Padel reserves the right to modify any of the following rules set out in these regulations.

  2. Players registered in the league accept the regulations herein in their entirety.

  3. The matches will be played exclusively at the Sa Llosa Padel, Av. Pere Vaquer, 07181, Illes Balears, Palma de Mallorca. Tlf 655019839

  4. Results from matches not played in clubs associated with the League will not be taken into account.

  5. If any couple intentionally provides a result of a match not played in any of the clubs associated with the League, they will be excluded from the competition.

  6. The league is played in pairs.

  7. The registration price is 25 euros per person.

  8. The price of the matches will be established by the club.

  9. For court reservations contact Sa Llosa Padel

  10. For any question related to the League, contact the organization.


1. The League will be divided into groups. (click here to see the organisation)

2. System of Promotions, Relegations and Scores.

3. One WhatsApp group will be created for each League group. The corresponding players will appear in these groups.

4. Through these WhatsApp groups, the classifications and the results of the matches will be facilitated, and any questions will be transferred to the organization. They will not be used as Chat, to facilitate the organization in the correct development of the competition.

5. The groups will be modified each Cycle, following the criteria of Promotions and Relegations according to the league format.

6. If a player in the pair is injured, the partner may look for another player of the same category and must inform the organization to confirm said change. If you do not inform the management or if the couple is higher than the level of the game, the game will be considered lost.

7. Promotions and relegations in groups of less than 5 pairs will be decided by the League organization, in order to maintain the balance of playing levels.

8. At the beginning of each Competition Cycle, members of each league group will be provided via WhatsApp. From then on, it is the responsibility of the players to agree on the day and time with their group mates to play the matches. They will have a maximum of 5 weeks to organize their matches.

9. Matches must be played within the Competition Cycle. No matches will be delayed nor will matches not played be scored. Nor will it be possible to “give” matches. Only matches played will be scored.

10. The classification, within each group, will be determined by the following criteria, ordered according to priority: Points, Matches Played, Matches Won, Matches Lost, Balance of Sets and Balance of Games.

11. At the end of each cycle, the points accumulated for the General Classification will be added.

12. That couple that ends a Cycle with 0 games played will not add points to the General Classification. If it has been motivated by an injury, the Organization will assess whether or not it is appropriate to add the pertinent points.

13. With equal points in the General Classification, the person who added the most points in the last cycle counted will be taken into account. If the tie persists, the couple that played the last Cycle in a higher group will be ahead.

14. +2 extra points will be added to the General Classification for the winners of each group.

15. If a couple repeatedly does not play their corresponding matches, a sanction or exclusion from the competition will be considered, to favor the correct development of the competition.

16. Matches not played will be penalized, regardless of the reasons why they were not played, as follows:

  • 1 match not played 0 penalty points

  • 2 games not played 1 penalty point (-1)

  • 3 games not played 2 penalty points (-2).

You cannot have a negative score, with 0 being the minimum score. The Organization may decide whether or not to apply it in the event of injuries, incorporations or withdrawals, etc.

17. The champion of the Regular Phase will be the couple that scores the most points in the final General Classification.

18. A final Play Off will be played, divided into as many tables as the organization deems, based on the number of total pairs at the end of the Regular Phase


1. For court reservations, contact with Sa Llosa Padel When the reservation is made, the names of the players who will participate in the match will be indicated. The reservation will be 1 hour and a half, this being the duration limit of the match.

2. The matches will be 2 sets of 6 games each. In case of a tie at 1 set, a 10-point Supertie Break will be played to break the tie.

3. Each game includes a jar of new balls to collect at the reception. At the end of the game, the winning couple will keep the can of balls.

4. A warm-up of 5 minutes maximum will be carried out, and we will try not to waste time between points and court changes, to facilitate the completion of the match within the hour and a half of reservation.

5. At the end of the match, the form will be filled out with the result.

6. 3 points will be distributed for the winner, 1 point for the loser

7. Matches not played will mean 0 points for the couple, regardless of the reasons why said match was not played.

8. If a couple has difficulties in matching the match with a rival, they may notify the Organization to try to match said match. At least with 2 weeks of margin with respect to the end of the Cycle.

9. The couple that, having agreed to a match with their rival, does not show up will be penalized with -2 points and a score against 6-0 6-0. 3 points will be added to the couple that did attend the match, but no sets or games will be added. The exclusion of said player will be considered if this action is repeated. In addition, the couple who does not show up for the game must pay for the reserved court.

10. The result of the match will be transferred through the corresponding WhatsApp group, indicating which club and what day the match was played.

11. If one of the players is late, his opponent will have to wait at least 20 minutes for his arrival. After that time, and notifying the organization of the rival's non-presence at that time, the match will be recorded as "Not presented" (see rule 8).

12. If a couple cancels a match less than 6 hours before the scheduled time, 2 points (-2 points) will be deducted from the classification and they will have to pay for the reserved court. This match can be played if both couples agree, but the unused court must be paid for by the couple that canceled. The couple that canceled the track with less than 6 hours notice will not score points in the league until they receive confirmation of the track payment from the club.

13. If a couple cancels a reservation with less than 24 hours notice, they must pay the reservation to the club.

14. If a couple repeatedly cancels court reservations (even if they do so more than 6 hours in advance), or reserves a court without having a specific rival, sanctioning said couple will be considered.


1. The matches will be played in 2 sets with a 10-point Supertiebreak in case of a 1-set tie.

2. Each game includes a jar of new balls to collect at the reception. At the end of the game, the winning couple will keep the can of balls. If they do not want the balls, the losing couple can keep the can of balls.

3. Later round matches may be played in advance (the rounds may be brought forward), but matches may not be played after the deadline.

4. The organization may be contacted to mediate between two couples in order to set a date and time for a match to be played, with sufficient advance notice for this mediation to be possible.

5. As many Play Off tables will be organized as the organization deems appropriate.

6. There will be consolation tables with the same scheme and the same dates.

7. The Play Off will have the following structure

profesor de padel palma de mallorca
profesor de padel palma de mallorca
torneo padel liga palma
torneo padel liga palma