Clases de Padel in Palma de Mallorca

Begin your adventure in the world of padel alongside the best sports professional.

Your padel lessons at your fingertips with the television program "Tu Clase de Padel" on Channel 4 Mallorca, every Monday at 20:00h p.m.

We discuss padel from all perspectives to get to know this wonderfully social sport.

profesor de padel en mallorca
profesor de padel en mallorca

Pádel Lessons in Palma. Learn how to play Pádel from beginning

Learn to play padel with the best private teacher. Personalized classes for all levels and ages. Padel is a sport that is booming around the world and has the ability to meet many people who practice this sport. Furthermore, it is very simple to start playing. And everyone is able to start from scratch.

Improve your game right now!


Pádel Services

Private paddle tennis classes in Palma for all levels, from beginners to advanced. Also for the youngest, we have our padel school to grow and develop their full potential as a padel player. Jorge Lanzat will help you with padel classes to improve your technique, tactics, mentality and physical condition to create the greatest adventure in the world of padel.

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Who is J. Lanzat

J. Lanzat has been a sports professional for over 20 years. He began his career as a semi-professional handball player and ventured into the world of racket sports, transitioning from tennis, badminton, squash, until settling in the world of padel in 2005.

Currently, he is a certified padel instructor by the Padel Federation of the Balearic Islands. He serves as the director and TV presenter of the television program "Tu Clase de Padel" on Channel 4 Mallorca and Youtube.

In addition to his expertise in padel, he has training in nutrition, personalized training, human anatomy, and sports coaching, among other areas.



Television program on Channel 4 where we discuss the entire world of professional padel. Additionally, we showcase clubs in the islands and provide step-by-step guidance on how to play padel.

With a blend of television and streaming formats, this highly social sport ensures that guests feel comfortable discussing any topic.

Female Padel Team Sant Jordi

Jorge Lanzat leads the padel project for the Sant Jordi Women's Team, which currently boasts 19 players. It's a competitive team that participates in the Feeve Tree league in Palma.

Within the team, our focus is on the growth and development of all players, alongside promoting sportsmanship across all sectors. We are dedicated to enjoying this sport while striving for excellence, aiming to climb the league ladder.

Currently, our training base is at the most prestigious padel club in Palma, located in Arenal, Club de Tenis y Padel Son Rigo. The club offers 6 padel courts, along with 2 clay tennis courts and 2 football fields.

To add to the experience, the club also offers accommodation at Hotel Don Miguel, featuring 90 rooms for relaxation and enjoyment after club activities.

Learn how to play Padel in Palma de Mallorca

with the best coach.

padel coach mallorca
padel coach mallorca

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profesor de padel. Director y presentador de televisión
profesor de padel. Director y presentador de televisión